Well Woman Test

Our new Well Woman Test is a finger-prick blood test for females to check 22 biomarkers in the body and give you an extensive overview of your health.

  • Specifically tailored for women, this test confirms if 22 biomarkers are within the normal range
  • Accredited high-tech laboratory blood testing (UKAS No. 22335)
  • Receive your results, after only 48 hours via secure portal
  • £171

Frequently Asked Questions

To check your general health including iron, thyroid, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Even if you do not have any health issues if can be really beneficial to measure these benchmarks, discuss them with our pharmacist and then test yourself each year to check for any changes.

Our pharmacist will ask you some basic health and wellbeing questions, carry out the finger prick, capillary blood sample int he quantities needed for the specific diagnostic testing the laboratory are carrying out.

You will be charged for the service and we will send the sample to the laboratory for analysis  You will be asked if you want to book your follow up results appointment at that point allowing a minimum of 48hrs for the sample to be delivered, the testing processes to be completed and the results to be returned to us.

Whilst the NHS commissions pharmacies to provide a small number of clinical services, we are able to provide a much wider range on a private basis. We believe this proactive approach to monitoring your health can be a very beneficial process.