Travel Health Service

Speak with our pharmacists about where you are planning to visit.  Available to help quickly, they can assess your needs, taking into account your current health, medications and provide you with destination-specific travel advice and vaccines.

  • Free appointment consultation
  • Personalised assessment at our travel health clinic
  • Tailored travel advice for a healthy stress-free holiday
  • Altitude sickness advice and prevention
  • Malaria risk prevention, advice and medication
  • Travel vaccinations and oral treatments available

Please book appointments at least 2-3 days in advance of appointment date to complete your pre-appointment questionnaire and for us to ensure vaccine stock availability

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning a trip abroad, especially beyond Europe, then there may be specific medication and vaccination requirements.  Speak with one of our trained pharmacists quickly and conveniently to get the latest advice and treatments you need.

The Travel Service, which includes a consultation with our pharmacist is free. Once you have booked your appointment you will receive an email link to the online pre-consultation questionnaire. Please do complete this well ahead of your appointment so that our pharmacist is as prepared as possible to give you the up to date health advice, vaccinations and or medications for your destination.

We show an indicative cost of vaccinations on this webpage, however the vaccine that our pharmacist recommends may depend on your health, destination, any current medications and vaccine availability from the manufacturer. They will confirm the cost of the actual vaccine they recommend at your consultation and you can make the decision there to progress or not. Payment for the vaccine is required at the time of the vaccination, in-branch.

Our pharmacist will discuss with you destination-specific travel health safety information, malaria prevention and vaccination advice.

Whilst the NHS commissions pharmacies to provide a small number of clinical services, we are able to provide a much wider range on a private basis. A small fee provides you with face-to-face, phone or video call access to our trained healthcare team.