NHS Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

The NHS Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) was launched in 2019 to help alleviate pressure on GP appointments and hospital emergency departments. Under the scheme, patients can be referred to highly skilled and qualified pharmacists for a same day appointment from the NHS 111 service or directly from GP practices for treatment and medication for some minor illnesses.

  • You cannot book an appointment direct with us for this NHS service
  • You do have to be referred by your GP or via NHS 111

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our pharmacists are highly qualified and experienced in offering advice and treatments for minor illnesses. They are experts in medicines.

The service frees up appointments with GPs and emergency departments for more complex cases and can offer fast and effective treatments for patients, both in and out of hours within their own communities.

Yes, although your Pharmacy+Health branch may also offer similar services on a private basis. If you are referred under CPCS your treatment and medicines will be covered by the NHS. The best NHS treatment options for you will be discussed in your consultation.