NHS Contraception Service

You can now make a convenient appointment at one of our pharmacies, to discuss and obtain oral contraception.  This may be for the initial supply, or the ongoing monitoring and supply of your existing contraception. All without the need for an appointment with your GP.

Simply book a convenient appointment with one of our highly trained pharmacists.

  • Convenient local healthcare locations
  • Available and accessible appointments
  • Professional, trained pharmacists
  • For women who have never had contraception before (select an Initiation appointment)
  • Women who are already using oral contraceptives (select a Continuation appointment)
  • Or have been referred by a sexual health clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access this service at one of our Pharmacy+Health branches either to discuss the initial supply of an oral contraceptive, or for the ongiong monitoring and supply of an existing oral contraceptive you have been prescribed by your GP.

When you are starting to run low from that initial supply, book an appointment with your local convenient pharmacist at one of our branches.

Yes, you can make an appointment with our pharmacists who after discussing with you and understanding your general health may be able to supply you with a suitable oral contraceptive.

This service is currently only for the provision of the commonly prescribed oral contraceptives.

The ongoing monitoring and management of repeat long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), intrauterine systems (IUS) and
intrauterine devices (IUD) is not currently included, but may be in the future. For the time-being see your GP.