Why the new name?

We’re transforming our pharmacy branches to offer a broader range of accessible patient health services alongside our existing NHS prescription service. Our new Pharmacy+Health brand represents that we’re now offering a more holistic approach to patient care.

Why a new website?

Online booking enables us to make an increasing number of both NHS and private services available to book at short notice. You will be able to choose from face-to-face consultations in your local branch, or with your local pharmacy team by either phone or video call.

Why use Pharmacy+Health appointments rather than my GP?

GPs, and the NHS as a whole, are under huge pressure. Increasing numbers of specific NHS-funded services, are being introduced so that patients can see a healthcare professional quickly in the convenient setting of a community pharmacy. This helps GPs and the broader NHS. Our pharmacists are highly trained to deliver these specific consultations and all information is confidentially recorded and reported to the NHS and your GP, as appropriate.

Do I have to pay for services?

Our NHS services are free to you, the patient. In addition, we are introducing a growing number of affordable and accessible private healthcare services. The availability of these services varies, depending on staff qualifications and branch location so please browse by condition or service in order to find a convenient appointment.

Do I have to visit a Pharmacy+Health branch for my appointment?

Not always. Some of our services are available via a phone or Zoom consultation. Our website booking system will display the different appointment types available to you for each service.

When do I pay for private services?

For non-NHS, in-branch services, we may ask for a deposit at the point of booking or simply take full payment when you come for the appointment. We will retain a deposit if you cancel within 12 hours of the appointment time, or if you do not attend. For phone or video appointments, we take payment for the entire consultation at the time of booking. If you cancel with more than 12 hours notice, we will issue a refund.

Do I get my NHS prescription medicines from my local branch?

Yes. Your trusted pharmacist and their dispensary team remain responsible for supplying your prescription medicines. They authorise that your prescription from the GP is correct and safe, before it is assembled and dispensed. Using the very latest technology, we are able to assemble, label and check for accuracy the majority of medicines at our highly-automated facility. These medicines are returned to your local Pharmacy+Health branch where the team dispense and supply them to you.

NHS Prescription Service registration and nomination

Once you have completed the sign-up process, we will assign you to your nominated branch within 48 hours. We may use your NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) to match information, such as your NHS number. Once your NHS Electronic Prescription Service nomination (EPS) is set, any NHS prescriptions issued by your GP will be sent electronically to the nominated branch. If you have any uncollected prescriptions, issued prior to this, they may have been already dispensed by your previously nominated pharmacy.

How long do NHS prescriptions take?

Most repeat prescription items will be ready for you before you need them if you request your next prescription from the GP in good time. You are advised to request your medicines from your GP roughly 5 working days before you are due to run out. We recommend the NHS App on IOS or Android to securely order your repeat prescriptions. For urgent supply, your branch team will dispense your medicines while you wait as long as the items are in stock.

I have run out of my medication, what do I do?

If you have run out of medication, contact your GP and/or your local pharmacy branch as soon as possible. In the case that your branch and GP are closed, please ring 111 and a one-off prescription could be sent to a different pharmacy.

I have just seen my GP and need one of my medications on the same day, without it affecting my EPS nomination.

If this is the case, your GP will be able to send your prescription to a different pharmacy without removing Pharmacy+Health as your nomination for your regular repeats. Alternatively, they could print a physical prescription for you to take to any pharmacy. If you are concerned that your nominated pharmacy has been mistakenly changed, contact your local branch by phone or email, before you order your next prescription.

Who do I contact regarding queries or issues about my prescription?

Please contact your local branch and we will try our best to help you out.

How much do I pay for my NHS prescription if I am not exempt?

If you pay for your prescriptions, you can see the charge that the NHS currently asks us to make per item as well as information about NHS pre-payment savings here. For delivery customers, we can take payment over the phone if you contact your local branch. For collections, simply pay in-branch.

Does Pharmacy+Health provide a dossette box service?

Yes, we are able to provide a dossette box service for eligible patients. In order to set this up, we would need to be instructed to do so by your GP. To enquire, please speak to your GP or local branch.

Does Pharmacy+Health access your summary care records?

We may need to access your NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) to verify certain details. This is a summary of the information held by your GP and will only be accessed by members of our team who are authorised to do so. We may use your SCR to help provide you with the most effective over-the-counter or prescription medication. Registering for the Pharmacy+Health Prescription Service includes giving permission for access to occur under the grounds mentioned above. Our pharmacist may call you should this access be necessary. If you wish to withhold access to your SCR, please contact your branch and talk to a member of our staff. Additional NHS SCR information can be found here

What information do Pharmacy+Health need before I place my warfarin order?

Upon collection/delivery of your warfarin prescription, the pharmacist may require your most recent INR readings. This is to ensure your INR reading is within the permitted range and is under control. Any changes in dosage are managed by your consultant but we require this information for your safety due to the importance of getting warfarin doses correct.

How are the Pharmacy+Health branches regulated (GPhC)?

Each branch is a fully licensed, NHS regulated pharmacy that is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The GPhC is the independent regulator for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmaceutical premises in Great Britain. The GPhC protects the health, safety and wellbeing of members of the public by upholding standards and public trust in pharmacy.

GPhC inspections at the Pharmacy+Health branches ensure our standard operating procedures are being followed correctly.

Our standard operating procedures are approved by the NHS and adherence to them is regulated by the GPhC.

How are the Pharmacy+Health branches regulated (MHRA)?

The Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority maintains the quality and standards of the British-packed products that we supply.

They ensure that the supply chain for medicines, medical devices and blood components is safe and secure and meet set standards of safety, quality and efficacy.

How should I dispose of old or unwanted medicines?

If your medicine is out of date, unwanted, or some of it is left over after you have stopped taking it, do not put it in your household bin or flush it down the toilet. Instead, take it to your pharmacy to be disposed of safely.