Infected Insect Bite

If you have an insect bite and you think it might be infected, speak to the team at your local Pharmacy+Health today.

Under the Pharmacy First service, our team of pharmacists are able to provide you with trusted medical advice and suggest effective infected insect bite treatment options, including prescription-only medicines, without needing to book an appointment with your GP first. Head to your nearest Pharmacy+Health branch to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Book an appointment with your local Pharmacy+Health branch for a consultation if:

you’re worried about a bite or sting
your symptoms do not start to improve within a few days or are getting worse
you’ve been stung or bitten in your mouth or throat, or near your eyes
a large area (around 10cm or more patch of skin) around the bite becomes red and swollen
you have symptoms of a wound infection, such as pus or increasing pain, swelling or redness
you have symptoms of a more widespread infection, such as a high temperature, swollen glands or flu like symptoms

The risk of becoming seriously ill from an insect bite or sting in the UK is small, but in some parts of the world insects can carry serious diseases such as Malaria. Find out what the risks are where you intend to travel and check if you need any vaccinations before travelling – vaccines can prevent some illnesses spread by insects.

  • Flucloxacillin capsules/oral solution/oral suspension
  • Clarithromycin tablets/oral suspension/ oral solution/
  • Erythromycin tablets/oral suspension/oral solution

This Pharmacy First Service gives you the option of visiting your local Pharmacy+Health branch and get a consultation from our pharmacist for common conditions. Advice is always free and where necessary they are able to supply medicines (free of charge to those exempt from prescription charges).