Muscle Pain

All people will have sore muscles at some point, and it can sometimes make normal, everyday activities uncomfortable.

  • Pain can occur immediately after exercise or injury, or can develop some hours later
  • Muscle pain can be mild or so severe that you can’t use the muscle at all

Frequently Asked Questions

You should support and elevate the painful area as soon as possible. Try to rest and avoid further exercise. Compression bandages can also help reduce any swelling.

Using ice to reduce inflammation and heat pads to improve blood flow will help speed up recovery. You could also try soaking in a warm bath or taking a warm shower.

During your consultation, our experienced pharmacists will discuss the different treatments available to help ease your muscle pain and reduce any inflammation.

Having weak, unused muscles can lead to pain, so low impact, muscle strengthening exercises can help to prevent this – but it’s important to note that you must always stop if the pain gets worse. Adopting the correct posture for sitting, standing and lifting will also help prevent reoccurrence.

Stretching, maintaining a healthy weight and quitting smoking can all reduce the risk of muscle pain.

Our clinically trained pharmacists can pinpoint the source of your muscle pain and choose the right medication to alleviate it.

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