Blocked or Painful Ear Wax

A blocked ear can be uncomfortable and affect your hearing. The build up of ear wax is the most common cause of a blockage. Our ear wax removal service uses Tympa – the most comprehensive ear and hearing healthcare check-up system.

  • Developed by ENT specialists
  • Featuring microsuction wax removal
  • Combines sophisticated ear cleaning with a full hearing check-up

Frequently Asked Questions

During your pharmacy ear wax removal appointment with us, our highly trained and accredited pharmacy staff will use a digital otoscope (a small handheld device which is used to shine a beam of light into the ear canal) to look deep inside your ears and check for wax build-up or any other debris. They then gently clean one or both ears using microsuction.

Once your ears are clean, they will check your hearing thoroughly and advise you if any further treatment is required.

We use ear microsuction to remove excess ear wax. The suction device gently sucks wax out of the ear without using water. It’s the safest and most effective way to remove wax.

During the 5 days before your appointment, we will ask you to put drops of olive oil into your affected ear(s) twice a day to soften the ear wax.

Your ears are generally self-cleaning so they shouldn’t usually require much attention. Simply clean the outside of your ears daily as part of your normal routine.

Many GPs no longer offer ear wax removal as a service to patients. Pre-covid, the average wait time for patients to receive ear treatment was 12 to 16 weeks. This has now grown substantially.

At Pharmacy+Health, our highly trained team can inspect and clean your ears, and assess your hearing in one short appointment. Our ear wax clinic provides you with a quick and convenient way to ensure your ears and hearing are as healthy as they should be.