We’re transforming community pharmacy by supporting the NHS and GPs. Using the latest technology, we have reduced the amount of time our highly skilled pharmacists spend managing routine prescriptions, which allows them to spend more time caring for patients.

By shifting the emphasis of our community pharmacies towards increasing patient services, we’re turning them into the destination of choice for patients seeking on-demand consultations and treatment for everyday health conditions.

Our friendly, pharmacy teams are based in the heart of their communities and have long standing relationships with their patients. We want to offer those communities access to much more than just dispensing and over-the-counter remedies. The technology that underpins our business allows our highly trained team to offer their patients the care that they need within their own communities.



Our first community pharmacy was established in East Leeds by Barry Lestner. Later that same year, his son David qualified as a pharmacist and spent the next 30 years working alongside his father building the group across Yorkshire.


The third generation of the family to qualify as a pharmacist, Jason Lestner joined the family firm to expand into new communities and increase the range of clinical services offered by the group.


The Pharmacy Group was acquired by HubRx Ltd opening up the opportunity to further expand clinical services. By making use of state-of-the-art technology, the pharmacists’ time is freed up to offer a wider range of private and NHS services. The Group is rebranded as Pharmacy+Health to demonstrate the holistic approach to patient care offered by our pharmacies.


Pharmacy+Health begins to transform branches and roll out new NHS and private service offerings.


  • Giving you the treatment you need, when you need it
  • We’ve made more time to care for you
  • A wider range of clinical care options on your doorstep
  • Accessible treatment from highly trained professionals
  • We’re making prescriptions simpler and more convenient
  • Ensuring our pharmacy teams always have the time to listen and care for the communities they serve


Our pharmacies are based in the heart of communities across Yorkshire. Our friendly and caring teams are ready to make it quicker, easier and more convenient to access clinical consultations for a wide range of common health conditions.

Our pharmacists are highly trained professionals, clinically qualified to treat a range of common health conditions.

If you’d like to find out more about your local pharmacy or the services our teams can offer, take a look at our branch pages or call in and see us.


Our new approach is grounded in HubRx’s ground-breaking hub and spoke technology.

HubRx is a state-of-the-art centralised automated pharmacy. The facility combines advanced hardware with bespoke software in an automated pick to pack system which ensures industry-leading accuracy of patient prescription assembly, while allowing the community pharmacy staff to spend more time caring for their patients.

By taking more routine, regular prescriptions out of the pharmacy and into HubRx, highly trained pharmacists and their teams can free up time to offer a wider range of clinical services in the community.

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